Academic/Absence Warning Form

Please fill out this form completely. It will be sent directly to Zac and he will get the Academic/Absence Warning out to the student.

Fill out the from after a student has missed two classes and again at three absences. Please talk to the student and Zac and review the attendance policy of the Department of Design. Please also make a note for Zac if you would prefer that he not follow the department's policy regarding administrative withdrawal.

Remember that the department's attendance policy now states that four absences in a single class within the first six weeks of the semester will result in administrative withdrawal from the course (unless you tell Zac that you don't want them to be administratively withdrawn). Beginning with the sixth week of the semester, each absence beyond three in a given class will result in a penalty of one letter grade in that class. (Of course, this penalty is also at your discretion).

ie: 101, 210, 405...
Total number of absences