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Freshmen, Transfer, and Readmitted students are advised through the Student Services Office located in Marvin Hall, room 205. Please contact design@ku.edu to schedule an appointment.

Most often used forms can be found on the left column of this page. For all forms, policies and petitions please look under the Resource tab.

Sunset Policy
Students are strongly encouraged to complete the bachelor's degree within 4 academic years. Students should complete a minimum of 31 credit hours each year. If a student is unable to complete 31 hours in the fall and spring terms, summer enrollment should be strongly considered. 

Students readmitted 10 years or more after the initial term of degree-seeking admission to KU must fulfill all current requirements (this includes general education, major, minor, and all other related policies) to earn a degree.

This means that if a student takes 10 years or more to complete his/her degree, he/she must stay continually enrolled at KU (summer excluded) in order to maintain the initial term degree requirements. (If a student is not enrolled at KU for a fall or spring semester, he/she will have to apply for readmission to the University before returning.) In other words, if a student takes 10 or more years to complete degree requirements AND sits out a fall or spring semester and consequently has to reapply to the university, the requirements for the student's degree will switch to the newer degree requirements. (In most cases this will result in increased hours and/or additional requirements.) Hence, the Department of Design recommends students stay continually enrolled at KU until finishing their degree requirements.


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