Credit/No Credit

What is Credit/No Credit?

Credit/No Credit means that a class grade will translate as credit (grade CR) if a student earns an A through C- or no credit (grade NC) if they recieve a D+ through F in the class. The grade will not factor into a student's GPA regardless of whether they earn CR or NC.

This option is available to elect for a limited time during each semester, between the 21st and 30th instructional day in a typical fall or spring semester.

Credit/No Credit may only be used for one class per semester, and cannot be elected for any class that is a requirement for the student's major(s) and/or minor(s).

Instructors are not informed that any of their students have elected Credit/No Credit. They will issue grades as they would otherwise, and the Registrar’s Office converts the grade as appropriate.


What classes qualify?

Classes that aren’t part of a student's major(s) or minor(s) qualify. Classes to fulfill KU Core requirements, the Academic Concentration requirement, the History of Art/Arch/Design requirement, and the General Elective requirement generally qualify.


Why might I consider Credit/No Credit?

If you’re trying hard to do well in a qualifying class, but it’s unclear whether the final grade will hurt your GPA, you might want to consider Credit/No Credit as an option!


Would electing Credit/No Credit affect my eligibility for Honor Roll/Dean's List?

The School of Architecture & Design requires that students complete 15 credit hours of classes graded A-F and have a semester GPA in the top 10% of their department in order to be eligible for Honor Roll in a given semester. Because any class for which Credit/No Credit is elected is graded on a Pass/Fail basis, the credit hours attached to that class would not count toward the required hours for Honor Roll eligibility.

For example, if a student is enrolled in 15 credit hours of classes graded A-F and elects Credit/No Credit for an eligible 3-credit hour class, they would then be enrolled in 12 credit hours of classes graded A-F. They would still be enrolled in 15 credit hours total, but they would no longer be eligible for Honor Roll in that semester.


What is the process to request Credit/No Credit?

  1. Talk to Zac Shields during his drop-in hours or by appointment about the class in question to make a plan for how to pass the class. Email and phone works in a pinch, but an in-person meeting is ideal!
  2. Check the Academic Calendar to ensure that you're submitting your request within the Credit/No Credit Period (note that short courses have different deadlines, which can be found on the Academic Calendar page)
  3. Submit a Credit/No Credit request online


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