Design Camp FAQ

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that may assist you in your preparation for Design Camp. Many other specific questions will be answered through the information provided to campers and families upon receipt of the deposit. Please email with any additional questions. 

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Are there advantages to choosing the residential option over non-residential?
The residential option provides camp participants with the complete pre-college Design Camp experience. Living and learning on the University of Kansas campus during camp allow participants to experience what life is like for a Design student at KU. It encourages participants to make connections, build community, and foster creative thinking. However, we understand that there may be circumstances that preclude families from being able to participate in this option, and so we offer a non-residential option. This option allows students the opportunity to still fully participate in and get the most out of their Design Camp experience without the overnight stays.
Where will residential campers be staying?
Design Camp participants will be staying in Hashinger Hall, one of the residence halls on Daisy Hill and within walking distance of Chalmers Hall. Hashinger Hall has two-person rooms furnished with twin-XL beds, desks, and wireless Internet. Young men and women will stay on the same hall floor in separate wings with separate bathrooms and are supervised by trained Residence Hall and Design Camp staff.
What are the procedures if I do choose the non-residential option?
Non-residential camp participants should be brought to campus by a parent or guardian, if possible (see drop-off and pick-up instructions below); however, if a camper must use a personal vehicle for transportation to and from camp each day they should park their vehicle in the residence hall parking lot.  
  • Drop-off Instructions: Non-residential participants should check-in at the assigned residence hall during the window before breakfast noted on the camp schedule.
  • Pick-up Instructions: Non-residential participants should check out from the assigned residence hall during the window noted on the camp schedule, either after dinner or after the evening activity.  Campers will be asked at check-in each morning which time they will be checking out that evening.
  • Non-residential participants are required to participate in the evening activity on the first evening of camp, June 10. Aside from this, evening activities are encouraged, but not required.
Are scholarships available?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer financial assistance at this time.
Is there going to be homework?
While there will not be assigned studio homework, it is likely that students will wish to spend time working on expanding and refining their ideas. Students will be able to work on their projects during our open studio time on Thursday evening. 
Who will be supervising the participants during the camp?
KU Design staff and faculty will supervise studios and evening activities. In addition, a group of Resident Assistants (RAs) have been hired to live in the residence hall with the participants and to supervise their activities during the week. They will also assist the professors in directing the studio sessions. The RAs are current KU Design students, so they can answer questions about life at KU and as a design student.
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