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Environmental Design (MA)

The concentration in Environmental Design will educate students, and develop their competency, in design solutions that will enhance and improve the experience of the “user” occupant of both the interior and exterior built environment.  Theory, method, and practice of this integrated discipline approach will create a basis for effective research and conceptualization of design ideas for public and private spaces.  

The M.A in Design with a concentration in Environmental Design further provides the student with the opportunity to develop projects that integrates architecture, interior spaces and graphics in a multi-disciplinary approach that is common in today’s practice. The program aims to provide a broad based design experience that involves the analyses of building systems, circulation, spatial experiences, materials, furniture, lighting, use of graphics and advanced digital technology. Students develop specific experience within an environment that may involve strategically focused project types such as retail, hospitality, health care, mixed use development, sport facilities, etc. where integration of multi-disciplinary design is interdependent and plays an important role in users’ interactions with the built environment.


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