First-Year Checkpoint

Before a student begins any degree-seeking program in the Department of Design they must first apply and be admitted to the department. 

First-Year Studies 
Newly admitted students enroll in BDS 101 (Design Thinking and Making I) and BDS 103 (Drawing for Design) for the Fall semester and in BDS 102 (Design Thinking and Making II) and a CORE studios for the Spring semester. Students must earn a “C“ (2.0) or greater in BDS 101, 102, 103 to advance forward in the program.

First-Year Checkpoint and Entrance to Second-Year Studies
Beyond first-year studies, there is a maximum of seats available for degree-seeking majors each year. In order to arrive at an impartial means of entry, all first-year students declaring a major are ranked according to their cumulative GPA. Enrollment for the second-year is completed during the Spring Advising & Enrollment period (for the following Fall term). In order to qualify, students must have successfully completed BDS 101 and 103 (or their equivalents) and be enrolled in (or have completed) BDS 102 at the time of Spring Advising and Enrollment.

See Illustration & Animation, Industrial Design, Photography or Visual Communication Design for more specific Entrance into the Second-Year Studies.

Transfer Students
Transfer students must be declared and admitted for the Fall semester no later than October 1. Only the top 2-4 transfer students will be considered and placed according to their ranking on a descending cumulative GPA list.