Michael Dean Eckersley, PhD

School of Architecture & Design - Design
Professor, Interaction Design & Design Management
Primary office:
Chalmers Hall
University of Kansas
1467 Jayhawk Blvd.
Lawrence, KS 66045


Michael Eckersley is Professor of Interaction Design and Design Management at The University of Kansas. A design researcher and design planner with over 20 years of specialization in the design of immersive, interactive products and services, he has helped many noted companies systematically create new value and exploit strategic opportunities. With professional experience that spans industries of Health Care, Enterprise Software, Financial Services, Consumer Products, Resorts, and Fast Food, his management expertise involves large, complex projects through phases of research and analysis, planning and detailed design—both as an in-house corporate design manager and as an consulting lead. By active professional practice, writing and teaching, he has helped advance the professional discipline of Interaction Design and the practice of Design Management.


I have no supported theory of teaching. But as a working professional there is much to be said for both the practical limitations of Theory, and the conceptual limitations of Practice. I was hired to establish this master's program. I believe in the value of advanced design study, and to that end I've tried to integrate the curriculum with solid theory with practical considerations and, if it happens, err on the side of practice.


Interaction Design, Integrated User Experience Design—digital and analog applications Time-­based UI/flow analysis, prototyping, testing.

User Experience (UX) Research and Analysis—evidence-­based insights to guide new value creation Contextual/Ethnographic Research. Pattern Recognition. User Archetype/Persona development. Use-­case Scenario Development. User Modeling. Experience Prototyping. Service Blueprinting. Needs Clustering. Cognitive & Pluralistic Walkthrough. Heuristic, Content, Terminology & Functionality Audits. Market Research. User Panels and Communities of Practice. Metrics & Analytics. UX Program Development.

Strategic Design and Planning–integrated market, industry and technology analysis to guide innovation Market analysis and opportunity-­mapping. Scenario-­based design and planning. Business modeling.

Research Interests

  • Design, Interaction Design, Design Management, Design Planning