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Two hundred seventeen graduate from School of Architecture, Design & Planning

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On May 17, 2015 the School of Architecture, Design & Planning celebrated the graduation of 217 students. A recognition ceremony was held for them at the Lied Center May 15, when department chairs Andrea Herstowski, Paloa Sanguinetti, and Stacey White hooded those who had earned Master’s and PhD degrees. University Marshall Stephen Grabow read the names all of the candidates from both undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the school who crossed the stage.

Before the recognition ceremony began, KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little spoke about what she hoped the School’s graduates have gained from their years at KU, and acknowledged Dean John Gaunt’s 21 years of leadership. He is stepping down as the school’s dean in June. 

“As you have experienced in your time at KU, the process that you have undergone often requires the merging of architecture, design and planning. No matter your field I hope that when you leave this campus that you bring the broad-based interdisciplinary perspective to your work,” Gray-Little said.  

“You are also the last class to graduate under Dean John Gaunt. Under his leadership he has infused the programs with a balance of beauty and practicality. I want to thank him for his hard work and especially his leadership with all three of the units of the school,” she concluded.  

In his closing remarks Dean John Gaunt paused to say, “I hope you will not work one day in your life, but what you do will transcend the normal definition of work. That’s the best wish I can give you, that is that you will love what you do and see its intrinsic value, whatever it may be, in making a better world. 

“We live in a world of rankings, but I want to suggest that the basis of the things we care about lies in the realm of the immeasurable, such as doing good work and making a difference in our communities and the satisfaction of our own careers and lives.  

“Most importantly, do those things that defy measurement, things that essentially values that can’t be measured. 

“We wish you great opportunities, challenges and aspirations. We wish you careers and challenges, challenges worthy of your knowledge and your talents and aspirations and fulfillment, filled with the best this life has to offer.

"Be resilient in an unpredictable world. Live well, and laugh much, live by value and conviction. Challenge banality wherever you find it.  Reinvent, create value, live. As Garrison Keillor says so perfectly: ‘Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.’

"Shine. Shine in what you do, shine in how you feel. Shine in human terms and professional terms: for your recessional walk from here, the valediction from an old Canadian rock and roll trouper, Neil Young: 

"‘Long may you run. 
With your chrome heart shining in the sun, 
long may you run’ 

“My wish for you, sung by Neil fortunately—not by me—long may you run,” Gaunt concluded. 

Students from the Department of Design who received special honors are listed below:

Weston Thomas Jones, Outstanding Graduate in Animation and Illustration
Kathlyn Nicole Luby, Outstanding Graduate in Environmental Design
Kaley Shea Tesdahl, Outstanding Graduate in Industrial Design
Seanna Raquel Currie, Outstanding Graduate in Photo Media
Katherine Kristine Whiteman, Outstanding Graduate in Visual Communication Design