Academic Concentration Options without Prerequisites

The following subject areas at KU offer at least three classes at the 300+ level that don't have prerequisites:


African & African American Studies (AAAS)

American Studies (AMS)

Anthropology (ANTH)

Latin American & Caribbean Studies (LAA)

Business Minor

  • You can take just three classes at the 300+ level from the Business Minor!

Classics (CLSX)

Communication Studies (COMS)

  • Prerequisite of COMS 130 (Speaker-Audience Communication), which is available as an option to fulfill KU Core Goal GE22 (Oral Communication).

East Asian Literatures & Cultures (EALC)

English (ENGL)

  • Prerequisite of a 200-level ENGL course, which is required for KU Design regardless!

Film & Media Studies (FMS)

Global & International Studies (GIST)

History (HIST)

History of Art (HA)

  • Design students who choose to take History of Art classes at the 300+ level will complete the History of Art minor after completing two History of Art classes! For their third Academic Concentration course, Design students who complete the History of Art minor can select any class above the 300+ level beyond Design or Visual Art to fulfill the Academic Concentration requirement.

Humanities (HUM)

Indigenous Studies (ISP)

Jewish Studies (JWSH)

Marketing Extension Program

  • Earn a B or better in MKTG 305 and petition to School of Business to take other MKTG classes at the 400 level

Philosophy (PHIL)

Political Science (POLS)

Religious Studies (REL)

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS)



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