The Academic Concentration Requirement

Why require an academic concentration?

We believe that well-rounded people make great designers! That's why we require students to take at least three classes in a single subject beyond Design and Visual Art at the 300+ level (e.g. ENGL 351). Classes at the 300+ level generally feature more in-depth study of the subjects of their study than 100- and 200- level introductory courses.

An academic concentration is a great opportunity to study a topic of academic or professional interest, find inspiration for Design work, and diversify the Design degree to stand out in the job market!


What are my options?

Students are welcome to consider any of the following options to fulfill the Academic Concentration requirement:

  • A minor allows in-depth study of a subject through six or more classes. With more than 50 available minors, Design students are sure to find something interesting to study!
  • A certification combines experiential learning components with coursework to provide a well-rounded sample in an area of study. Concentrations generally require less coursework than a minor.
  • If none of the minors or certifications pique your interest, there are several subjects at KU that have courses available at the 300+ level!

For more information about each option, check out the related sub-tab to the left of this page! Of course, feel free to contact Zac Shields to discuss options and see how they can plug into your degree!