Academic Deadlines

The Office of the University Registrar's website features the university's academic calendar, which includes all important university-wide academic deadlines. While advisors and various offices will often send reminders in advance of most academic deadlines, it is each student's responsibility to be aware of the deadlines pertinent to them.


Some recommendations to help avoid stress regarding deadlines:

  • Check your KU email regularly. It's how your instructors, advisor(s), and various offices at KU will send you important information!
  • Carefully protect your KU email to avoid excessive accumulation of unread emails. Don't use your KU email to sign up for special offers or store accounts.
  • Use a calendar app to structure your schedule in advance. Consult the academic calendar before each semester and put deadlines pertinent to you in your calendar so you don't forget.


As always, feel free to contact our advisor if you have questions!