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Design Studio Sequencing

What is the studio sequence in Design?

The core of our program is an carefully-arranged sequence of studio courses which follow a four-year track. This sequence begins in the fall semester of each year without exception.

The studio sequence for each concentration in Design is outlined in that concentration's degree requirement check sheet.


How does the studio sequence affect me?

Unless you are transferring in specific studio credit that is equivalent to First-Year Studios in the Design program, you will follow a four-year track to degree completion if you are admitted to the Design program. Completion of the Design program is also contingent on student performance and successful completion of the Second-Year Review.

Students who have completed coursework beyond the Design studio sequence prior to their admission to Design may have additional time throughout their studies to focus on coursework, connect with the Lawrence community, and/or engage professionally in their desired field!


Why are studios strictly sequenced?

Because of the small size of our program, we are only able to offer each required Design studio one semester per academic year with very limited exceptions. Each studio builds on the skills and information taught in the previous semester's studio(s) to optimally develop each student's skill set, which contributes significantly to our students' high rates of professional engagement prior to and immediately following graduation.



Any prospective or current student with questions about the Design studio sequence should contact Zac Shields, the academic advisor for Design students.

Prospective students considering an application to Design should review our application process/requirements and contact April Czarnetzki, Outreach Coordinator for the School of Architecture & Design, with any questions regarding the application process to Design.