Earn a Certificate

Certificates are a part of KU's initiative that recognizes students’ experiences outside of class. Once  you have completed all of the components for a given certificate program, you will be recognized with a certificate and the honor will be notated on your transcript.

Certificate in Book Arts
Certificate in Book Arts is a very comprehensive, high-level structure for teaching content, art and craft production across the “whole book”— papermaking, typography, printing, and binding, informed by the history of the book.

Certification in Service Learning
Certification in Service Learning involves several components, including taking a service learning course, completing additional volunteer work, and reflecting on your service learning experiences. Any student who has completed a service learning course is eligible for this certificate.

Arts Engagement Certification
Arts Engagement Certification is designed to equip undergraduate students with the tools they need to become lifelong participants in the arts. Through attending classes and events in our eight participating departments, students gain a broad exposure to the arts while earning a certificate that appears on their official KU transcript.

Certificate in Entrepreneurship
Are you interested in working independently and turning your creativity into a business? Through the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, students lean the fundamentals of creating and operating an enterprise, then apply that knowledge through guided exercises with experienced professionals. The certificate requires three courses and a reflection, which makes it a great option to fulfill the Academic Concentration Requirement.

Research Experience Program
Research Experience Program (REP) acknowledges a student's participation in the full undergraduate research process, from that initial interest in subject material gained through coursework to the design and implementation of an independent project to the presentation of a research or creative product to others. REP certification appears on a student's official KU transcript, communicating to others the student's educational experiences unique to a national research university like KU.

Certification in Social Responsibility
Certification in Social Responsibility recognizes students who have developed, through coursework, an understanding of their social responsibility and ethical behavior and who have acted on this understanding, through guided but independent efforts, to contribute positively to the local, national, or global community.

Global Awareness Program
Global Awareness Program (GAP) facilitates global engagement through academic coursework, co-curricular involvement, and international experience. The program is open to all undergraduate students who wish to supplement their KU degree with GAP certification on their transcripts. Thanks to its interdisciplinary emphasis and flexibility, GAP prepares students to live, work, and lead in a global society. Established in 2003, GAP is the first certificate program offered at the University of Kansas, and is proud to recognize and reward students for their participation in experiential learning for global understanding.

Leadership Studies Certification
Leadership Studies Certification recognizes students who have learned to more effectively engage the process of leadership. The certification focuses on leadership as a process, not an outcome. Curricular and co-curricular experiences should intentionally link leadership as a process with an understanding of systemic influences, stakeholders as central voices, and the ethics of connecting shared values and interests among diverse populations.