Frequently Asked Questions

How long after I submit my application should I expect to wait until I know if I am admitted?

Portfolios are not reviewed until after the deadlines. Decision letters are sent approximately one month after the deadline. 

What if I don't have a portfolio?

If an applicant does not have a creative portfolio, they may supplement their application with an essay. Please email for additional information. Please note portfolios are highly preferred over essay statements. 

Will my AP Studio Art class exempt me from any of my first year courses?
Advanced Placement (AP) credit in Studio Art will count as general elective credit; however, it does not exempt a student from any studio courses.  To learn more about transferring course credits to KU please utilize the great resources here.
What is the average class size?
The average size of courses varies depending on if the course is a studio, one-on-one lessons, lecture, etc. but typically Design courses try not to exceed 20 students per class section. The Department of Design is committed to fostering a sense of community between students and faculty. Small class sizes help to facilitate these relationships. 
How accessible are professors outside of class?
Faculty members have scheduled office hours each week during the academic year. These office hours are usually posted on the door of their office or on their course syllabi. Get to know our faculty here
Will professors or graduate students teach my course?
Approximately 95% of all of your major area course work will be taught by Department of Design faculty and not by graduate students.
When must I choose a major?
Since the Department of Design is a freshmen admitting program, our students typically know what they want to major in before they arrive on campus. However, among our many degree programs, most of them are tailored such that you would still have some flexibility to change your major during your first year of study. Learn more about our curriculum and first year of studies here
Do I need my own computer?
We suggest that every student have their own computer. For up-to-date requirements please check: Recommended Technology.
Are there computer labs open to students?
Chalmers Hall is home to several computer labs equipped with the most current versions of the software used in Design courses. You can learn more about our facilities here
How can I learn the software programs used in courses?
KU students have free access to online tutorials through LinkedIn Learning courtesy of the Lawrence Public Library.
Is there a special library for Design students?
The main library for Design students is the Murphy Art & Architecture Library, located on the first level of the Spencer Museum of Art. Design students may also take advantage of the Hatch Reading Room, located on the fourth floor of Marvin Hall.
What student organizations are in the Department of Design?