Honor Roll (Dean's List)

What is the Honor Roll?

In order to reward strong academic performance, schools and departments across KU award placement on the Honor Roll (sometimes called the Dean's List) to a select group of students. The criteria for determining which students are awarded a place on the Honor Roll differ for across schools and departments at KU. In the School of Architecture & Design, the criteria are set at the school level, but qualifying students are calculated independently in each of our two departments.


What are the criteria for Honor Roll in the Department of Design?

The top 10% of Design students in a given semester by term GPA who have taken at least 15 credit hours graded A-F in that semester will be placed on the Honor Roll for that semester.


A couple of important details:

  • Credit/no credit courses and Pass/Fail courses don't count toward the 15 credit hours graded A-F that are required. That includes ADS 320 (Hallmark Symposium) and ADS 531 (Professional Experience Credit), both of which are graded Pass/Fail.
  • Placement on the Honor Roll only occurs for the fall and spring semesters.



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