Illustration & Animation

Second Year Review  

Fall Semester Checkpoint  
After completing the coursework for ILLU 305 and VISC 201, students must receive a grade of a “C” (2.0) or higher in each course to continue in the spring semester courses. Students at the C level are considered borderline. Any grade of C- (1.7) or below automatically eliminates the student from proceeding into the major/continuing onto the next semester, they do not have the option of repeating any course work and need to transfer to another major.

Students who met the Fall semester requirements will be enrolled in the Spring semester, ILLU 315: Introduction to Illustration and ILLU 405: Drawing Media for Illustration II.
Spring Semester Full Review
After completing the spring semester coursework, ILLU 315 and ILLU 405, students are required to participate in a portfolio review of all course content produced in both fall and spring semester Illustration & Animation courses including work produced in ILLU Drawing Media for Illustration I. The Illustration & Animation faculty use this review to determine if your work is at a satisfactory level. Supplemental to the grade portion of the Portfolio Review, students are also evaluated on attendance, work habits, attitude and the ability to listen and learn from constructive criticism. In addition, in order to continue in the major at the junior/senior level, students must receive a minimum grade of a  “C+” (2.3) in each Illustration & Animation course during the spring semester. All of the Illustration & Animation faculty and the Visual Communication faculty participate in this review process.