Incomplete Grade Arrangement

"Incomplete" Grade Arrangement

In accordance with University Senate Rules & Regulations (USRR) 2.2.3-,, and 2.3.3b, instructors may grant students an "Incomplete" grade at their discretion when any of the following are true:

  • When a definite grade cannot be assigned for a student's work in a course at the time that grades are due for a given semester
  • The student in question is unable to complete the work assigned to them in the class due to circumstances beyond their control, but some satisfactory work has been completed for the course

Note: USRR 2.2.2 states that a grade of F, NC, or U should be assigned to indicate that the quality of work was such that the student in question would need to repeat the course material entirely.

An "Incomplete" grade is represented by the letter "I" in the grade book on Enroll & Pay. The due date(s) for a student's work and the nature of that required work in an "Incomplete" grade agreement should not be more than one calendar year after the due date for the work in the course in question. In accordance with USRR 2.3.3b, the nature of the work assigned to complete the course and remove the "Incomplete" grade is to be determined by the faculty member in charge of the course. If the faculty member is not available, the department will assume responsibility for managing the "Incomplete" grade.

Once a full calendar year has passed since the end of a course in an "Incomplete" grade arrangement, the "Incomplete" grade will revert to an F, NC, or U - whichever is appropriate in accordance with the grading scale of the course. An extension beyond one calendar year may be granted in consultation with the Dean's representative (Zac Shields) upon petition from the student with the endorsement of the course instructor.

Retroactive withdrawal from a course is not allowed once an "Incomplete" grade has been assigned for that course. However, a petition for retroactive withdrawal may be filed for what University Regulations call "extreme and unusual circumstances."

As an optional service to help provide for better documentation of deadlines and other requirements, instructors are welcome to use the web form linked below! The web form submits to Zac, who keeps a copy of the web form submission for the department, then copies the text of the submission (reformatted for readability) into an email to the instructor and the student for their reference. 

This arrangement is flexible at the discretion of the Instructor of Record for the class in question, and serves as a record of requirements for student actions in order to resolve the "Incomplete" grade.

Please email Zac before you submit this form to verify that you are in fact the author of the arrangement!


Contact Zac Shields if you have further questions: