KU Core

What is the KU Core?

The KU Core is our university's approach to general education requirements. In order to maximize student course options while maintaining the rigor of a degree at KU, the KU Core requires the completion of certain competencies rather than specific courses (with a couple of exceptions).

The KU Core is common to every degree at KU. It ensures that our graduates learn a common set of fundamental skills, build a broad background of knowledge, strengthen an appreciation of cultural and global diversity, and cultivate ethical integrity. Through the KU Core and their Design-specific degree requirements, our students graduate as well-rounded people with the fundamental skills, inspiration, and Design know-how to make the world a better place.

Information about the six goals of the KU Core and much more is available at kucore.ku.edu!


How does it relate to my degree in Design?

Great designers are well-rounded people who draw inspiration from the world around them, then use their skills to create solutions. The KU Core affords Design students the opportunity to spark their curiosity while building their Design skills in their studios.

The Design degree requires a study of historical context, and that requirement can overlap with the KU Core to save students money and time. Additionally, the capstone course for each concentration in Design fulfills KU Core Goal AE61 (Integration & Creativity)! Consult your concentration's degree requirement check sheet, your Degree Progress Report (DPR) and an advisor before enrolling to guarantee proper fulfillment of KU Core and Design-specific degree requirements.


Can I petition to have a course or experience counted toward the KU Core?

Students can submit a petition for a substitution to the KU Core in exceptional circumstances. Lack of knowledge of KU Core requirements, either on the part of student and/or through misadvisement, is not an extraordinary circumstance for a petition to be considered.

If you are considering a petition for a substitution to the KU Core, please contact our department's advisor.