The Photography program at the University of Kansas is dedicated to evaluating and redefining the medium of photography. The undergraduate curriculum is rigorous and designed to immerse students in an exploration of this vast, ever‐changing medium. Through in‐depth instruction, students develop a diverse technical skillset, becoming proficient in both analog and digital practices. The program encourages a strong work ethic and places emphasis on visual literacy. Through the persistent act of making work, and regular participation in critique, students acquire the critical thinking skills that enable them to read and unpack visual texts. Graduates of the Photography program at the University of Kansas leave with exceptional visual communication skills, fully prepared to successfully engage in a wide range of possible careers in lens‐based media. Visit our portfolio of student work.

The Photography facilities at the University of Kansas are extensive and advanced. The Department of Design houses two state of the art Digital Imaging Labs featuring 40 digital workstations and the latest inkjet printing technology with the capacity to print up to 44 inches wide. These labs are furnished with cutting‐edge flatbed and drum scanning capabilities. The dedicated and fully-equipped lighting studio is spacious and accessible. The traditional darkroom on campus includes a finishing area, two print processing lines, and 20 enlarging stations. The Photography department has an expansive and eclectic collection of digital and analog equipment available for student check out. An Experimental/Alternative Processes lab has recently been added to complement the wet darkroom and high-end digital environment, rounding out the comprehensive and state‐of-the‐art Photography facilities at the University of Kansas.