Portfolio Requirements

All applicants must submit a portfolio to be considered for admission to the Department of Design.

Portfolios are submitted online through SlideRoom. Please select "Undergraduate Student - Portfolio Submission" from the directory. For technical support questions while submitting your online application, please contact support@slideroom.com.  

The online portfolio submission includes the following requirements:

  • Media: Please upload 10-15 images of your strongest creative works. 
    • Please title each piece.
    • In the description, include the medium or software used, the size, date of completion, and a brief one to two sentence description.
    • In the case of documented professional or group projects, applicants should indicate personal responsibilities.
    • Your portfolio must include at least two mediums. Examples: sketches, drawings, paintings, ceramics, jewelry, 3-D pieces, logos, branding, publications/yearbook, posters or any art or design-related works.
    • Displaying a variety of work is essential; use your strongest pieces and good judgment.
  • Essay: Why are you interested in studying design, what have you done to prepare, and how do you hope to use your degree?
    • To complete your application you must provide a response to the prompt.  
    • Please limit your response to 200-250 words.

Deadlines for Portfolio Submission

Please note that portfolio submissions are not reviewed until after the deadline. Decision letters are sent out approximately one month after the deadline.

Looking for feedback on your work? We would be happy to review your portfolio at an upcoming National Portfolio Day event. National Portfolio Days →


If you have questions about your application to the Department of Design please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Joan Weaver, at jweaver@ku.edu or 785-864-3167.

For technical support questions while submitting your online application, please contact support@slideroom.com.