Student Body

There are approximately 450 undergraduate majors in the undergraduate degree programs in Illustration & Animation, Industrial DesignPhotography and Visual Communication Design. Approximately 30 graduate students are seeking degrees in MA in Design Management or MA in Interaction Design

Each fall approximately 120 freshmen begin the sequence of foundation courses, which are required for all majors. Following a rigorous review process, approximately 100 continue in the sophomore year. Graduates of the undergraduate program number 90-100 annually.

The average undergraduate class size is 18 students across the department. All courses are taught by full-time faculty members, long-term, experienced adjuncts or by professional designers. All beginning major courses begin fall semester only.

Most courses in Design are studio-based courses. Each three-credit course meets in class for six hours weekly for 15 weeks of fall and spring semester; another nine hours of work is expected outside class. Classroom and labs are generally open throughout the week to accommodate the expected workload.

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