Studio Elective Options for Photography Students

KU Photography students take a number of studio electives outside their major studies to complement and inform their photographic practice. The following is a partial list of recommended courses to satisfy these studio elective requirements:


ART 123 – Fundamentals of Expanded Media

Open to all university students. An exploration of basic technical and expressive possibilities in Expanded Media, including Installation, Performance, Video and other Digital technologies; may include field trips, films, and/or visiting lecturers. Six hours scheduled studio activity and approximately six hours outside work weekly. 


ILLU 200 – Illustration & Animation – Foundations in Image Making

Presentation of fundamental principles for communication through visual language. Exploration of theories in visual perception and visual communication, with focus on reading and developing visual images for intended meaning. Emphasis is placed on concept development, compositional exploration, color theory, the effect of value and color on images, and the significance of reference creation. 


FMS 200 – Film and Media Studies – Film and Media Aesthetics

An introduction to film and media aesthetics, including basic film/media theories and their practical applications. Students will be introduced to the concepts of time, space, composition, movement, editing, light, color, and sound. A key feature of the course will be a practical emphasis on learning how to see creatively by applying elements of design, camera lens and sound recording principles. Examples of these aspects of film and associated media will be examined and discussed in depth.


ENGL 352 – English – Poetry Writing

A study of prosody and practice in the writing of verse. Prerequisite: Prior completion of the KU Core Written Communication requirement. Recommended: Prior completion of one 200-level English course. 


VISC 420 – Visual Communication – Exhibition Design

This course will explore how exhibitions are conceptualized, designed and made. It will look at the role of curators, exhibition designers, graphic designers as well as the audience of cultural institutions.


VISC 435 – Visual Communication – Book Arts

Producing books in editions is a complex undertaking. Students work in teams to create or compile content of their choosing, then edit, design, and bind their own books in a small edition. The class combines both traditional letterpress technology and digital interface for the creation of text and image. Each student receives two copies of the team's final book, one copy is archived in Special Collections at the Spencer Research Library.


VISC 440 – Visual Communication – Bookmaking

Students will learn to make a variety of book structures and enclosures, from historical to contemporary. Prototypes and models, as well as comprehensive notes and instructions will provide the student with a library of bindings for future reference. Students will document paper that is made in class and create a record for themselves, other students, and the Department of Design.


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