Studio Topics

Campers work on studio projects during the day, one workshop topic in the morning and a different workshop in the afternoon. Availability of studios subject to enrollment numbers.

Morning Workshops

Architecture: A Spatial Journey
Instructor: Anne Patterson 

Students will measure part of a building and make scale models, learning how architects represent the world to scale. They will use these scale models as a starting point for designing their own spatial journey of pathways and spaces, using a kit of parts. The kit will comprise architectural elements such as walls, columns, beams, ceilings so students will see how space is created by the separation of these parts. We will use photography to represent the experience of the spaces they have made The project will be collaborate in small groups, so not only will they design their their own project, but they will be part of a 'city.' 

Historic Preservation: Architectural Component Replication
Instructor: Amy Van de Riet

The workshop will begin with an introduction to historic preservation and preservation techniques. Students will be given a design challenge to replicate architecture ornaments using both silicon putty and photogrammetry. Photogrammetry results will be printed using the 3D printer and castings from the silicone putty will be made in plaster of Paris, and for added fun – chocolate. Comparisons of the two replication techniques will be compared with contour gauges and discussed.

Large Format Photography
Instructor: Elise Kirk

Are you curious about photography and how cameras work? Do you want to shoot super high resolution film, and experience the magic of printing in the darkroom? Despite the newest digital technology, the image quality and control (and sometimes happy accidents!) we get with a large format film camera remain unsurpassed. In this hands-on workshop, we'll get to know the shape shifting tilt-shift lens, play with visual space in ways you didn't know possible, and learn to compose, expose, and print with staggering detail. Design Camp provides the large format view cameras and 4x5" black and white film. (That's right, these negatives are approximately 15 times bigger than the sensor on a full-frame digital camera!) You'll bring the vision and experimentation, developing in the darkroom and making silver gelatin prints to add to your portfolio. Whether you’re a camera phone enthusiast or seasoned manual shooter, this class will change how you see and make pictures! 

Packaging Design
Instructor: Jeremy Shellhorn 

Redesign a toy packaging experience with consideration for its sustainability and use. In our throw-away society, businesses usually specify their packaging choices based on conventional sizes/materials or perceived budget restraints. Not often enough consideration is given to the user’s experience of it and how it impacts the environment. Designers can have a powerful impact on all phases of the experience, so we will flex our design muscles and use this packaging opportunity to think up and down the entire design process from concept to graphics, and from materials to final construction using the laser cutter to make a 3D prototype. 

Think Wrong: RISO Poster Workshop
Instructor: Ryan Clifford

This hands-on workshop will introduce students to the adobe creative suite, rapid ideation and brainstorming using the Think Wrong process, poster design, and the Risograph print process. Student participants will explore a range of analog and digital making processes from hand assemblage, to letraset and press type, to digital collage. The workshop will culminate in each student designing and printing an editioned Risograph poster. Using the Think Wrong collaborative brainstorming process as a launching point, students will create their own unique band name. From this, they will develop a collectible show poster, which will be printed in 2-3 colors using the Risograph. Each workshop day will include intensive ideation, making, and design development, along with individual and group process critiques.  

Afternoon Workshops

Antique Photographic Processes in the Digital Age
Instructor: David Emitt Adams

Use images from your phone or digital camera to make works-of-art using some of the oldest photographic processes ever invented! In this workshop we will make digital negatives from your favorite images and print them in the darkroom using Cyanotype and Van Dyke printing techniques. You will walk away from this course with several one-of-a-kind photographs and advanced knowledge of these unique experimental processes. Frame them! give them as gifts! or use them as a unique addition to your portfolio. It's going to be challenging, informative, but most of all... FUN! *You will need to bring a digital camera or smart phone with a camera, memory card(s) and the necessary transfer cables.

Footwear Design
Instructor: Betsy Barnhart 

This class is for sneaker heads and those interested in learning how to design their own footwear. Learn how to design footwear like the pros, from iterative sketching, prototyping, applying performance attributes, to styling. Students will learn terms of the trade and basic principles of athletic shoe-making. By the end of the workshop students will be able to sketch, understand the basics of photoshop and illustrator rendering, tape up a shoe on a last, and visualize their own concepts.

Minecraft, Cities, and Architecture
Instructor: Thom Allen

Students will learn design principals for cities and architecture and apply these principals through the Minecraft platform. Students will learn about the Garden City Movement and use symmetry, repetition, and other design strategies to create a personalized Garden City. Within the city, students will also explore how to create different types of buildings and landscapes that support the overall layout of the designed city.

Publication (Book) Design
Instructor: Tim Hossler 

We will explore the history of books and experiment with different story-telling techniques to create several experimental publications. Students will gain an understanding of how books are conceived, developed, and made.

Put Your Stuff on the Things
Instructor: Kent Smith 

You drew a what? This workshop will explore methods for converting and developing hand-made elements into various media and outputs. Starting the week with an exploration of characters, mark-making, and message-sending, students will develop a personal design through both traditional and experimental methods. Students will then work through exercises to get that image off of the page, out of the sketchbook, and into the computer where we can further develop and refine through lessons in digital line work, painting, textures, and more. We will then celebrate ways to get these designs out of the computer and into the world, manifesting new realities, calls-to-action, and sharing our messages and characters through a variety of outputs and media. A great workshop for any designer who is interested in taking a raw concept and turning it into a tangible and new reality. You can change your world and this workshop will give you tools and skills to start doing so.

Campers will be asked to bring basic supplies (available to purchase at the Art & Design Supply Shop in Chalmers Hall or the Kansas Union)

  • Sketchbook
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Markers (various tips)
  • Flash drive 

Computers and software will be provided.
Software license agreements do not allow us to put software onto a camper's computer. Campers will use KU computers in the studios.