Studio Topic Examples

Explore studio topics we have offered in recent years.

Character Design & Animation

Instructor: Kent Smith 

Studio Description: Students in this workshop will explore methods to bring dynamic characters to life through collaboration, game-play, and deep-dives into various prompts and challenges. Whether designing an alien from a far-off world or the mascot for a children’s cereal, we can engage illustrative design principles like composition, pose, color, lighting, shape-play, textures, and more to add details, meaning and story to your characters. Students will gain skills in Adobe Creative Suite, Magma Studio, and traditional media as we first create unique, unexpected characters rich in personality and then make them move using the principles of animation.

Personal Brand & Logo Design

Instructor: Sam Yates

Studio Description: Students will design a brand identity for their hardest client: Themselves! We will create a whole suite of brand identity graphics (logo, typography, pattern and other brand assets) to apply to their life (YouTube page, Twitch stream, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, etc ). To use on their portfolio, their college applications, their own design/photography business or anything else they do and want to communicate to the world. Students will learn how to conceptualize logo ideas, sketch and then best practices to translate those idea into visuals using a logo grid and Adobe Illustrator.

Think Wrong: Zines!

Instructor: Ryan Clifford

Studio Description: This hands-on workshop will introduce students to the Adobe Creative Suite, rapid ideation and brainstorming using the Think Wrong process, publication design, and DIY zine making. Student participants will explore a range of analog and digital making processes, from hand assemblage to digital collage. The workshop will culminate in a student designed DIY zine. Using the Think Wrong brainstorming process as a launching point, students will create their own unique zine, which will be digitally published on Each workshop day will include intensive ideation, making and design development, along with process critiques.


Instructor: Stephen T. Johnson

Studio Description: Do you love to draw? Or perhaps you have never felt like you are good enough or simply a bit too shy to try? Well, this workshop will help you on your way to becoming better and more comfortable at drawing no matter your skill level. Students will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of line quality, composition, proportion, form, shading, light and shadow, and more. We will do so by exploring an assortment of drawing exercises such as blind contour, cross contour, continuous line, using negative space and learning to draw the human head and hands. Students will work from life and from photo reference. Presentations will be given on various methods and ideas surrounding the making of drawings. Students will be encouraged to develop and generate a finished drawing by the end of the week. 

Interior Architecture: Vacation Eco-Pod

Instructor: Casey Franklin

Studio Description: Take the ultimate vacation in your imagination! In this class students will explore interiors as they design a vacation eco-pod; a tiny interior space based on human-dimensions, interactions, psychology, and connection to the natural environment. Students will use design elements and principles, light, and sustainable materials to design this custom tiny space. An iterative process will involve sketching, model making, and graphic presentation, guiding students in physical and digital design skills.

We recommend all campers have the following supplies for project ideation and file storage:

  • Sketchbook
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Markers (various tips)
  • Flash drive