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KU Design Portfolio Workshop

Friday, April 7, 2017

Design students this day if for you! You will be sitting one-on-one with 3 - 5 professionals for 30 minutes each. This this a safe opportunity to practice talking about your work. Get feedback on what projects are strong, not strong or just need a bit of refinment.

The professionals have been told that your will be bringing projects as you handed them in or a rough draft of your portfolio.

The more you approach the day as a “workshop” the more honest feedback you will get.

Another part of the day is you practicing about how to present your work.

If you are interested you must fill out the following form. You will get more directions/tips closer to the date.

You can sign up for Morning or Afternoon or if you want to go for it you can do all day (so sign up for both)! If you sign up for a portfolio session you have to be available the entire time and you will be given a table in one of the Chalmers rooms. Professionals will come to you and sit with you one one one for 30 minutes then they will rotate to another student at another table. Career Fair the professionals are at tables you can come and go.

Morning Portfolio Review Session: 9:00am - 11:30 am. You need be set up and ready to talk to professionals one-on-one.

Afternoon Portfolio Review Session: 12:00 - 3:00. You need be set up and ready to talk to professionals one-on-one.