Academic Warning Form

Academic Warning Form

Why send academic warnings?

Academic warnings give students a heads up when they're in violation of the professionalism and/or attendance policy for your class (and for the department). You're welcome to send a warning yourself instead, but submitting the Academic Warning Form ensures that a record of that warning is put on the student's advising record.


When should I submit an Academic Warning Form for a student?

This is entirely up to you, but it's generally most helpful to submit an Academic Warning Form for either of the following scenarios:

  • A student has been excessively late and/or absent
  • A student's work has fallen behind
  • A student's absences are equal to at least one-half of your total allowed absences for the semester (same goes for tardiness)


What happens when I submit an Academic Warning Form?

Academic Warning Forms are submitted directly to Zac Shields, who will complete the following process within 2-3 business days of your form submission:

  • Notation of the Academic Warning in the MyKU portal.
  • Composition of a personalized email to send to the student in question that incorporates the information included in the Academic Warning Form.
  • Email is sent to the student in question marked "High Priority." The submitting instructor will be CC'd on the email.

If a student merits another academic warning in the same class, Zac will attempt to call the student to ensure that they received the earlier warning. A note from the phone conversation (or that a message was left) will be noted in the MyKU portal.


Please contact Zac Shields if you have further questions, concerns, or ideas: