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Study Abroad


Where can I study?

KU offers programs in approximately 70 countries throughout the world. Explore the sidebar links to learn more about Design-specific study abroad programs.

What can I study?

Most students are able to fulfill graduation requirements and maintain progress toward their degree while studying abroad.

When can I study abroad?

You can participate in many programs as soon as the summer or winter break after your freshman year. Programs are available for both undergraduate and graduate students. If you are planning to study aboard for a semester please check with your area of study.

How is credit awarded?

Through the Office of Study Abroad, students remain enrolled at KU and receive resident KU credit. Grades earned while studying abroad are calculated into your KU GPA. You may earn credit toward your major, general education credit, or elective credit. Design students should work with their academic advisor in conjunction with a study abroad advisor to ensure continued progress toward a degree.

To get started, schedule an appointment by contacting design@ku.edu or visiting the Student Services Office in Marvin Hall, room 205.