Minor in Photography

The Minor in Photography emphasizes visual literacy, critical thinking, and creative and professional practice. Successful candidates will cultivate an advanced visual language in support of their major studies and exit the program with a working technical and conceptual grasp of photography as an expressive and communicative medium. Admission to the Photography Minor is selective and competitive, with applications due in the Spring.

Minor Requirements

The Minor in Photography requires 18 credit hours of coursework, at least 12 of which should be 300+ credit hours:

PHTO 200 (3 cr) - Foundations in Photography (Must either be enrolled in or have successfully completed prior to applying for admission to the PHTO Minor)

PHTO 210 (3 cr) - Understanding Photographs (PHTO 101 can be substituted for this requirement, but is only recommended to be taken prior to PHTO 200)

AND 12 credit hours from the following options, subject to availability:

  • PHTO 303 (4 cr) – Photography I: View Camera (Usually fall semesters)
  • PHTO 304 (4 cr) – Photography II: Color Digital (Usually spring semesters)
  • PHTO 313 (3 cr) – Lighting Studio (Usually fall semesters)
  • PHTO 314 (3 cr) – The Moving Image (Usually spring semesters)
  • PHTO 315 (3 cr) – Experimental Processes (Usually fall semesters)
  • PHTO 360 (3 cr) – The Photobook (Availability varies)
  • PHTO 560 (3 cr) – Special Topics in Photography (Availability Varies)
  • ADS 560/ARCH 600 (3 cr) – Architectural Photography (Availability Varies)
  • ADS 532 and/or 533 (3-6 cr) - Photography in London & Paris Faculty-Led Study Abroad (Available in summer 2022!)
  • HA 380 (3 cr) – History of Photography (Usually fall semesters)
  • ADS 320 (1 cr) – KU Design Lecture Series (Available in fall and spring semesters, can be taken multiple times for credit)

Important Notes:

  • Students interested in the Photography Minor must have successfully completed or be currently enrolled in PHTO 200 when applying for admission to the Minor. Students may also enroll in PHTO 210, HA 380 and ADS 320 regardless of the status of their admission to the Minor.
  • Admission to the Photography Minor is prerequisite to enrollment in PHTO courses at the 300+ level. Admission to the Photography Minor is competitive, and is subject to availability of space in PHTO coursework. 
  • Space in PHTO courses at the 300+ level is carefully managed with priority for students in the Photography major. Students admitted to the Photography Minor must work with our academic advisor and the Director of the Photography program regarding their specific enrollment plan.

Application & Admission Requirements

Applications to the Photography Minor are reviewed in the spring semester each year and are due by midnight on the night of April 15, 2022. Applications should include the following:

  • A short essay (200-400 words) responding to the following questions:
    • Why do you want to pursue the Photography Minor?
    • How do you see the Photography Minor complementing your area of study?
  • A portfolio of your 10 strongest images
  • A PDF of your advising report (available at https://my.ku.edu > Academics > My Progress in the lower right-hand corner)