Undergraduate Degrees (BFA)
Illustration & Animation
Industrial Design
Photography (Photo Media)
Visual Communication Design (Graphic Design)

Undergraduate Certificates
Certificate in Book Arts

Graduate Concentration in Design
Design Management (MA)
Interaction Design (MA)

The Center for Design Research (CDR) conducts advanced research that emphasizes the cross-disciplinary use of design as a problem solving tool. Recent projects: Electronic-Shifter for Ford Motor Company, Designing for Diabetes Bayer Healthcare, Discovering Markets for Sprint Velocity

The University of Kansas Department of Design is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.




The Department of Design
We engage our students in the practice of design thinking, making and visualization to create beautiful, innovative, and responsible solutions (products, spaces, systems, messages, art objects, experiences and services) that respond to human needs and enhance the quality of everyday life. Our programs foster the development of real world problem solving skills that can be applied through a variety of creative disciplines.

We are a center of design thinking and making.

We make things that didn’t exist. We visualize messages that move people.

We solve problems that nobody imagines or sees coming – in our state, in the Region, in the Country, in the World

We are in the middle of design practice, research and education. We are in the middle of brainstorms, conversations and dialogues.

We give ideas life.

We are a diverse group of artists, professionals, drawers, problem solvers, crafts people, ideators, image makers, leaders, innovators, conceptualizers and change agents

We are bold. We move fast. We sketch, prototype, evaluate and iterate.Then we make some more.

We are the point that connects empathy and action. We make products and services better.

We are a source for creativity
for businesses
for organizations
for governments
for schools
for communities

We change lives. We spark a discussion. We make it tangible.

We are a dynamic network of students, faculty, alumni, clients, partners, dreamers and doers.

We are place for collaboration. Playing with Concepts. Playing with form.

We are the place that makes it real, so audiences can see it, feel it, look at it and know it.

We are designing designing.

We are designing in the middle. We are design in the middle.

In the middle of industries, markets, museums and galleries.

Through in-depth instruction and critique with our award winning faculty, students become masters of visual literacy, graduating with the ability to critically read and unpack our visual world.  Our alumni enter the world as respondents, as makers, as the creators of tangible remedies for problems presented by our ever-changing social, environmental and political climate.

We are in the middle of design thinking, doing and making the next big thing.

Join us.
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