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Visual Communication Design

Certificate in Book Arts
A Book Arts program is a very comprehensive, high-level structure for teaching content, art and craft production across the “whole book”— papermaking, typography, printing, and binding, informed by the history of the book.

The Certificate in Book Arts requires 12 credit hours.

VISC 435: Book Arts

Choose 2 classes (6 –7 cr) from the list below:

VISC 310: Letterpress
VISC 414: Publication Design
VISC 440: Book Structures
PHMD 560: Photo Book
EXM 500: Expanded Media: The Artists’ Book
PRNT 224 / 325: Relief Printing
PRNT 300: Paper Making
ADS 580: Special Problems in Book Arts
ADS 532: Advanced Design Studies - Typography, Printing and Papermaking in Italy
ADS 560: Advanced Design Studies - Hamilton Wood Type Workshop 

Choose 1 class (3 cr) from the list below:
ENGL 520/HIST 500: History of the Book
ENGL 177: From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: the Rise and Fall of the Book
HA 510: Medieval Manuscripts and Early Printed Books
ADS 533: Advanced Design Studies - Typography, Printing and Papermaking in Italy Documentation

There is a prerequisite for the studio portion of the Certificate of having completed VISC 201 or VISC 202 (these courses are in basic Visual Communication and Typography) or permission of the Program Coordinator. *this would make it 16 hours really.

Please contact Linda Samson Talleur, ltalleur@ku.edu or Zac Shields, zacshields@ku.edu, for more information.