Studio Topics - Summer 2018

Campers work on studio projects during the day, one workshop topic in the morning and a different workshop in the afternoon. 
Availability of studios subject to enrollment numbers.

Morning Workshops

Brand Identity Design
Students will design a brand identity for their hardest client. Themselves! We will create a whole suite of brand identity graphics (logo, typography, imagery,) to apply to their life (business card, letterhead, social media presence, website). To use in their portfolio, their college applications, their own design/ photography business or anything else they do and want to communicate to the world.
*Digital Photography and Mixed Media
During this exciting and informative workshop, we will combine elements of painting, drawing, collage, and photography to make one-of-a-kind illustrations and works of art.  First, we will look at a wide range of contemporary artists and designers using photography and mixed media in unconventional ways.  Students enrolled in this course will make digital photographs, print them in our state-of-the-art digital printing facility and then alter or enhance them using pastels, colored pencil, and acrylic paint.
2D Animation Fundamentals
Create a short animation by learning the fundamentals of digital 2D animation: storyboards, animatics, sound editing, scene editing and production. Campers will use contemporary animation software, tools, and techniques as well as being introduced to other digital software applications in the production of basic 2D animation. No previous experience in the software is necessary.

Afternoon Workshops

*Antique Photographic Processes in the Digital Age
Use images from your phone or a digital camera to make works-of-art using some of the oldest photographic processes ever invented! In this workshop, we will make digital negatives from your favorite images and print them in the darkroom using Cyanotype and Van Dyke printing techniques. You will walk away from this course with several one-of-a-kind photographs and advanced knowledge of these unique experimental processes. Frame them! give them as gifts! or use them as a unique addition to your portfolio. It's going to be challenging, informative, but most of all… FUN! *You will need to bring a digital camera or smartphone with a camera, memory card(s) and the necessary transfer cables.
Packaging Design
Redesign a toy packaging experience with consideration to its sustainability and use. In our throw-away society, businesses usually specify their packaging choices based on conventional sizes/materials or perceived budget restraints. Not often enough consideration is given to the user’s experience of it and how it impacts the environment. Designers can have a powerful impact on all phases of the experience, so we will flex our design muscles and use this packaging opportunity to think up and down the entire design process from concept to graphics, and from materials to final construction using the laser cutter to make a 3D prototype.
Publication Design
Great publications (books and magazines) have the ability to reach up and grab their reader's attention, visually tell them a story and capture their imagination. Over the course of this crazy-fun, exploratory workshop each student will make a small booklet that tells a simple yet amazing story. We will examine how images and text can work together to enrich a publication's visual landscape. We will study and borrow narrative techniques from films… and learn how much great movies and publications have in common. Students will choose their own subject, find/make their own photographs and write their own engaging stories both literally and visually.
*The Moving Image
This hands-on workshop explores the fun of photography as a time-based medium, incorporating a mix of imagery, movement, and sound. From narrative and documentary to the experimental and conceptual, we will draw inspiration from a rich assortment of cinematic and video art traditions, while introducing the tools needed — cameras, audio gear, footage libraries and editing software — for good hard creative play. Over the week each student will produce a short video project to add to the digital portfolio and change the way we see moving imagery. *If you have your own DSLR or mirrorless camera that can shoot video using manual controls, please bring it. But if you don't have one, cameras will be provided.

Campers will be asked to bring basic supplies (available to purchase at the Art & Design Supply Shop in Chalmers Hall or the Kansas Union)

  • Sketchbook
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Markers (various tips)
  • Flash drive 

*Photography studios require a digital camera or camera phone, memory card(s) and the necessary transfer cable.

Computers and software will be provided.
Software license agreements do not allow us to put software onto a camper's computer. Campers will use KU computers in the studios.

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